zondag 25 april 2010

Anne Shingleton

Anne Shingleton (VK 1953) – Pig studies, potlood 25 x 30 cm

Anne Shingleton - Pig in mud, monoprint & pastel 15 x 10 cm

I was fascinated by the utter pleasure that this healthy Large White sow appeared to show as she snouted her way through hock deep mud. Her big floppy ears covering her eyes reinforced the impression that she was thoroughly concentrated on her activity without a care in the world for anything else. Mud, glorious mud!

I was living in rural Dorset, UK, at the time, studying the technique of monoprints —so once I had a few pencil notes on paper and a memory full of possible images, I rushed home and got to work with my plates, inks and pastels.

Anne Shingleton


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